Monday, February 13, 2017

The Hungry Goldfish Quilts

So far this the only example of the "Hungry Goldfish" quilt pattern, and considering it takes a little more than 7 times as long as the last two patterns it may be rare for a while. Still i really like this pattern and at this size the pieces are small enough not need any more than outlining for a quilting method. With such large spaces it should be very soft and flexible. These Hungry goldfish shaped pieces are 31/2 inches wide at the head and so fall well within the maximum recommended un-stabilized width of 3 1/2 inches after shrinking (usually 14%). Since the rounded edged squares showing in the pattern fish are 1 inch across it should be feasible to increase the size of the fish pieces for a larger quilt up to a preshrunk size of 12 inches across. The full two axis network printed on the template should produce round edged squares 3.4056 inches across in the quilting (after shrinking 14%). The pattern fish here should be correct if printed on an 8/2 x 11 sheet.

The closeup shows how hard these pieces curve away from each other during sewing. The method that worked best for me was to create sub assemblies ( the ladies at the Quilt Guild  always asked about the squares, but these sub-assemblies look more like feathers).
Any way it went easiest like this. First they bite, mouth to side in rows. Then they cuddle, the loose tails get one side sewn to the adjacent fish. Then they mesh, the sub assemblies lock tails with the main assembly. My experiment is a baby blanket, currently about 30 x 36 inches but I have yet to finish it off smooth. I would like it a little bigger, but I'll have to wait for more fabric. I'll definitely be showing it off when I get it worked out.

 The "Switch Back" or single row zigzag pattern is the only one I've used so far, but I came up with three more promising looking arrangements.

This one I call "Squared Fish" since it's network also contains the single wiggle square net.

                                                   This one is "Phase Flipped                                                            Fish" since it contains the phase                                                    flipped side slipped single                                                              wiggle square net.

The last for now at least is the"Double Zigzag".

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